Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Beginning Of The Games + Day 1

And we're back. The following is the combined perspectives of everyone's entries. From here on, you will have to submit one entry per two weeks, just as before. You will cover a single day in those weeks. Remember to confer with your alliance members and to REREAD THE RULES.
Before that, though, here are the pack contents that have been taken.

 - 1 empty 250mL bottle
 - 2 boxes of 25 crackers
 - 1 box of ten wooden matches
 - 1 heat-reflective blanket
 - 4 slices of dried beef
 - 2 sheets of plastic
 - 1 coiled wire of 10m
 - 1 bottle of iodine
 - 1 pair of heat-preserving gloves
 - 1 pair of night-vision glasses
 - 1 awl
 - 1 heat-reflective sleeping bag
 - 1 box of 25 crackers
 - 1 pair of night-vision glasses
 - 1 heat-reflective sleeping bag
 - 2 boxes of 10 wooden matches
 - 7 slices of dried beef
 - 3 boxes of 10 wooden matches
 - 2 awls
 - 4 slices of dried beef
 - 1 box of 25 crackers


As the gong sounds, most competitors move forwards off their pedestals. At once, Ganz from 11 trips over her feet in eagerness and buries her skull into an upturned hatchet, becoming the first death of the Games.
The only tributes that manoeuvre themselves in the opposite direction are Inkbright of 8, Nemesis 6 and Sky 3. Nemesis submerges himself in the 10m stretch of water at once and soon encounters Sky once on dry land again. He manages to submerge her head into the water once again and drowns her in a few short minutes.
Meanwhile, many of the other competitors have sprinted into the very heart of the Cornucopia. Every competitor for Districts 1 and two reach the Cornucopia and emerge with weapons. Cain of 2 guards the weapons while the other three go off to hunt. Inkbright acquires rope of a fair length after tripping over it and then follows Nemesis across the water. Vicissitude of 1 kills Life of 7 and Braginski of 5 takes down LeStarre of 10 with a knife to the neck. Gray of 9 plunges a knife into the skull of his fellow District partner, Leamy, and then heads for the water stretch with a blue pack.

Wolf of 6 has secured a blue backpack and has retreated into the forest along with her allies, Inkbright (who finally made it to dry land after a good minute or so of panicking in the water), Leno of 8, and Nemesis, while Cat from 12 follows suit, though not part of the pack. She carries a green pack and a few different assorted items. Gray works up the courage to plunge into the water, crosses it, and sprints for the jungle where he lingers out of sight, waiting for the bloodbath to pass. Threatening of 4 has secured a red and a green pack along with a spear, and has ended the life of Goran from 10. Somewhere in here Braginski kills LeStarre from 10. 
Rose of 4 and Daniels of 11 have both caught up with Threatening, another complete alliance, with a single orange pack and a few knives. Rose suffers a knife wound to her shoulder, and the trio head for the forest. Cain kills Fitz of 7 with a sword.
Phoenix retreats into the jungle a fair distance away from Gray with no weapons and a yellow pack.

Cieran Sever, Vestige Vicissitude, Ariston Nevmer, Miss Cain, Nixion Strange and Sparky Braginski remain at the Cornucopia as the career pack of the Games. 
Eden Threatening, Death Rose and Tug Daniels run through the forest as an alliance. 
   Alvard Nemesis, Christine Wolf, Cambric Leno and Star Inkbright also dwell in the forest as another alliance.
Flame Phoenix runs from the Cornucopia in the jungle, alone. Shaun Gray also resides in the jungle, though on the outskirts, watching the careers.

The bodies of Helena Sky, Darcy Fitz, Niamh Life, Elizabeth Leamy, Pullus Goran, Kestrel LeStarre, Tarny Ganz and Robby Shepard litter the concrete slab and make up the dead. The cannon fires seven times. The bloodbath comes to a close. The games begin.


Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email [] and then comment them on this post after getting my permission. By the 24th of October this has to be completed. If you need extra time, this is fine, as long as you have a good reason for it, as always.

Due to reduced internet speed tonight, it appears I can't upload the maps containing information on water streams or the time it takes to cross certain areas of the arena. Those will be uploaded tomorrow.

Certain conditions concerning different areas of the arena are also in the process of being written and will be uploaded as soon as they are completed.

Updates And Announcements:
Statistics [In-Games] page has been updated.

Monday, 9 September 2013


Due to schoolwork, other projects and current complications over at my end, this competition is taking a hiatus. While this means there is no current official activity, it also gives you all some time to get things organised for the actual Games.

This hiatus will last from 2 - 4 weeks.

Thank you for understanding. And if you don't understand, then...

Well, too bad.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Beginning Of The Games - EXPLANATION

As those of you who have read the rules of the competition, you should be aware of the fact that the original plan of the Beginning Of The Games was going to be done in a roleplay. Due to the fact that so many of us live in different timezones, however, added with the complications of people having various other things on at possible times makes it more difficult than expected to plan and organise the roleplay to work properly.
As a result I have decided, thanks to a very helpful suggestion, that the way the Beginning Of The Games will work is going to be changed, and will be explained below.

The way these entries will work now is going to work pretty much like normal entries would. Each one of you will write out your character playing out the events after the gong sounds. You will write out deciding whether to run in for supplies or turn away and head for either the forest or the jungle after crossing the ten metre long stretch of water between the pedestals and dry land.
Inside of these entries, you will be able to interact with the CPU Tributes, but only the ones you claim control over. A full list of available and taken CPU's will be available below. It's also recommended more than normal that you write these entries out in collaboration with any players you may be in an alliance with. That said, every player in the alliance must submit their own entry.
Depending on the In-Game Statistics that your character has and that CPU's in question have, killing said CPU's is possible.

After each of you have submitted these entries to me, I will write up a summary of how the events all panned out in the initial bloodbath of the Cornucopia which will then be posted. Your entries will be commented under that post.
Also, as a final note, NiamhHasNoLife and Darcy Fitzgealrd, both of District 7 will henceforth be referred to as "Niamh Life" and "Darcy Fitz" for simplicity's sake.

Available CPU's
- Helena Ember Sky [Female - District 3]
- Flame Phoenix [Male - District 5]

Taken CPU's
- Cieran Sever [Male - District 1] Miss Cain/Sparky Braginski
- Vestige Vicissitude [Female - District 1] Miss Cain/Sparky Braginski
- Ariston Nevmer [Male - District 2] Miss Cain
- Nixion Strange [Male - District 3] Sparky Braginski
- Christine Wolf [Female - District 6] Alvard Nemesis/Star Inkbright
- Niamh Life [Female - District 7] Miss Cain
- Darcy Fitz [Male - District 7] Miss Cain
- Cambric Leno [Male - District 8] Star Inkbright/Alvard Nemesis
- Elizabeth Leamy [Female - District 9] Shaun Gray-
- Pullus Goran [Male - District 10] Eden Threatening
- Kestrel LeStarre [Female - District 10] Sparky Braginski
- Tug Daniels [Male - District 11] Death Rose
- Tarny Ganz [Female - District 11] Zathract Mist [Gamemaker/Me]
- Robby Shepard [Male - District 12] Sparky Braginski

Right, so, yes. You all have to write your entries for the Beginning Of The Games. Use the advice above, disregard the roleplay concept, and so on.
What kind of objects and packs are around you are pretty much open to interpretation, however, you must keep them realistic. For example, any Tribute that picks up a top-quality lethal weapon will not be able to keep that in their entry. There are five different coloured packs you can pick up.
- Red
- Orange
- Green
- Blue
- Yellow
Each one will contain various different items that will remain undisclosed until the entries have been submitted and commented.
Obviously, there will be high quality items in the very heart of the Cornucopia such as durable tents, weapons, medicine and so on.
In front of a select few competitors, there will be a set amount of bottles of water (as their reward for completing the Train Ride entry).

Sparky Braginski - 3 bottles of water.
Eden Threatening - 1 bottle of water.
Death Rose - 2 bottles of water.
Miss Cain - 3 bottles of water.
Flame Phoenix [CPU] - 2 bottles of water.

Please keep in mind that there is a flotation device in the belts of the Games uniform as to keep each Tribute afloat in the water surrounding the Cornucopia. However, none of the Tributes would have any reason to suspect or believe that such a thing has been done, so they will have to work and react as though they are unaware of it. If they are horrified of water or did not learn how to swim, this will have to show.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email []. Please do not comment your entries on this post, as there will be another post containing the summary of the bloodbath events following this one which your entries will be commented on.
By the 18th of August this has to be completed.
If you need extra time, this is, as always, fine, as long as you notify me through email as to why.
It would be appreciated if you could get your entries in before the very last day of writing time.

Updates And Announcements
Statistics [In-Games] page has been updated.
Lauren Jones has taken up the role of Charlotte Cat from District 12.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Arena

At last, it's is here.
The final task before the actual Games begin. The Arena.

Right, so as you should all know, this task is pretty much just about getting ready to get into the Launch Tubes. After that's done, you will have react to the general scene around the Cornucopia. A simple map of the Arena will be posted below. Please keep in mind that it's ridiculously difficult to make authentic looking maps, so don't judge the awfulness of it.
That said, a more detailed version of it will appear in the next post for the Beginning Of The Games roleplay.

Anyways, moving on. All previous rules apply.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email [] after you get my approval.
And for the love of god, please get them in on time. Most of you have good and legitimate excuses for delayed entries but some are just down to pure laziness. For those people, the only reason you're actually still in the competition is because I'm so short on competitors that it would be the dumbest move on my part to boot anyone at this point.
So please get them in properly.

Updates And Announcements:
Statistics [Pre-Games] page has been updated
Statistics [In-Games] page will be updated soon

The Arena Map:

The Cornucopia ring is regular sized. 
Twenty-Four pedestals line the outside of the concrete slab and explosives are set to go off if any competitor step off their pedestal before the beginning of the Games. 
The outside of the Cornucopia concrete slab is a ten metre long ring of water, deep enough so that the tallest of the competitors cannot touch the bottom without being entirely submerged.
There are packs, weapons, supplies and other various items in the heart of the Cornucopia and others decreasing in importance the further away they are from the centre. 

That's all that needs explaining for now.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


So, next task. Interviews.

This will be your last chance to impress Sponsors before The Games start. You'll have to interact with your stylists again and then with your mentors. Decide on how you'll approach your interview and what kind of things you'll say. As mentioned in the Rules, you will have control over Flickerman for the duration of the interview, but please try to keep him in-character.

All previous rules apply.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email []. By the 20th of June this has to be completed.

Updates and Announcements:
Statistics [Pre Games] page has been updated
Alvard Nemesis has replaced Masi Script as the male Tribute in District 6

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So yeah, there was a ten day gap from when the entries were due in to now. That being said, there was a very good reason for that. Someone sliced open my side, stole one of my ribs, and drilled some metal crap into my spine. It hurt. I've been recovering. I'm mostly better now. Better enough to continue this competition, at any rate. So welcome back.

No players down this time, which is good, because honestly if we sink much lower there's not going to be much of anyone left. Thanks for submitting mostly on time and being ready to go by now.

As you should know, this entry can be as long as you wish, with long detailed reactions to each scores, or incredibly short with your character receiving and taking news as they may. The scores for the CPU's will give you an indication to how powerful they'll be in the arena while I control them. Writing quality had a hand in some of the scores.

District 1
Cieran Sever: 8
Vestige Vicissitude: 9

District 2
Ariston Nevmer: 10
Miss Cain: 8

District 3:
Nixion Strange: 7
Helena Sky: 6

District 4:
Eden Threatening: 5
Death Rose: 8

District 5:
Flame Phoenix: 7
Sparky Braginski: 10

District 6:
Masi Script: 5
Christine Wolf: 4

District 7:
NiamhHasNoLife: 3
Darcy Fitzgealrd: 3

District 8:
Cambric Leno: 5
Star Inkbright: 5

District 9:
Shaun Gray: 3
Elizabeth Leamy: 5

District 10:
Pullus Goran: 5
Kestrel LeStarre: 4

District 11:
Tug Daniels: 7
Tarny Ganz: 2

District 12:
Robby Shepard: 5
Charlotte Cat: 8

All the previously mentioned rules on Alliances still apply. Notify me of everything.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email []. By the 28th of May this has to be completed. 

Updates and Announcements:
Statistics [Pre Games] page has been updated.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Private Training

Once again, there was a delay between the 1st of April and this post, and I apologize for that. That delay was due to certain competitors requiring more time. Now, I don't have a problem with people needing more time. I don't know what goes on in your lives, I don't know if there are issues going on at the moment, I don't know if your teachers decided to randomly shove a huge workload on you for no reason, so extensions are fine by me.
That being said, the amount of time that some players needed for an extension this time around was ridiculous. Not only did you have three weeks to write this entry, but the person who ended up requesting the most time didn't even end up submitting the entry. Had that not been the case, this post would have been up a whole week prior to this. 
Needless to say, I'm disappointed. I do admit, however, that I should have divided the Training entries into three different challenges for you to do instead of one large entry. But all the same, I was expecting a higher standard. Note that this is not being said in direction to the players that got their entries in on time, or relatively close to the due date. 

So. We're another player down, and by this rate there's not going to be any competitors left by the time The Games actually start

The next task is Private Training  This entry will directly affect your Sponsor Rates, and also determine your Training Score. Tribute interaction, again, is allowed during this entry, but must be agreed on by the other player, or requested to me if it is a CPU. If you have already claimed a CPU Tribute in the previous entry, you don't need to ask for it/him/her again. Alliances still work the same way. ALL TRIBUTES INVOLVED MUST SEND A NOTIFICATION TO ME. This, obviously, is the exception of CPU's, considering no player actually controls them up until The Games, which will then be me. 

Private Training works much like Training does. You'll be called into a room with the Training Stations set up with a few Instructors scattered in places for your needs in demonstrating your skills to the Gamemakers. From there you'll do your best to impress the Gamemakers and show them what you can do. You pretty much do whatever you like here, but again keep it realistic, and you can only do things that you've either been able to do since before The Reaping, or have learnt in Training. No new things that have never been mentioned before - that won't be allowed.

The three day Training Sessions have passed and now it's time for the Private Training session for each Tribute. They each gather at the entrance to the room and wait for their name to be called. 

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entry to me via email []. By the 4th of May this has to be completed.
YOU WILL NOT COMMENT YOUR ENTRIES ON THIS POST. These entries are called Private Training for a reason, and maintaining hidden skill in The Arena will be important for some people.
Please note that from the 1st of May to the 8th of May I will most likely not be able to access email due to me having to have surgery. Obviously, people who submit entries on the 4th and are not read by me until I arrive back will not be penalized in any way. 

Updates And Announcements:
Flame Phoenix has pulled out of the competition. 
Statistics [Pre-Games] page has been updated.