Monday, 11 March 2013

Training Sessions

The 25th of January has passed. In fact, it passed a long time ago. Unfortunately, a few of the competitors required extra time to complete their entries, and extra time was given. I do, however, apologize for the length of time delayed from the last event to this one.
That being said,  Vestige Vicissitude of District 1, Nixion Strange & Helena Sky of District 3, and Kestrel LeStarre of District 10 have failed to comply with the deadline of the entry - even with extended time - and as such are henceforth taking no further part in The Hunger Games Competition.
So with those competitors gone, the number of competitors has been narrowed down to six... I have to say, it doesn't look like it's going to be much of a bloody competition.

...The next task is the Training Sessions. This entry in itself will not affect your Sponsor Rates directly, but will definitely have a lasting affect on what you will be able to show the Gamemakers in the next task as well as what you will be able to do in The Games.
You do not need to work with your District Partner in this necessarily, but it is still a good idea to talk things over with them especially if your characters will be interacting. On top of this, now that we are entering a stage where Alliances are coming into play and District Interaction becomes more essential, the option to Request CPU's will become open to you all. You do this in the way you would expect - send me an email. Send me an email, request a CPU for you to either use or involve in whatever other alliances you may have and then I'll give you a verdict on it. If they're already taken by some other player, then you will not be able to use that CPU. If the CPU is already partial to the actual Player of that District, then you will also need to contact that Player (Miss Cain for example) and then come to me.

Simply mentioning a CPU is allowed, though only in passing, nothing major. This goes for mentioning an actual Player as well - only in passing, and it has to be something that they've actually done. Which will mean you will have to have either talked to them or read their already-commented entry.

All notifications of Alliances MUST BE SENT TO ME THROUGH EMAIL. If I am not given a notification of an Alliance and find out about it later on, that Alliance will be disbanded. All Alliances also must be realistic, the same applies for your training. Any unrealistic stupid behavior will not be accepted and will be required to change.

For example, a twelve year old boy will not be able to lift the heaviest weight in the room. I don't care how long he's been training or how much determination he has, no twelve year old can lift something like that.
As for Alliances, it will be unlikely that a Career Tribute will come to one of the outline Districts for an Alliance unless they display some sort of relevant and useful skill to catch their attention. And again, if displaying such a skill, it must be realistic.
The schedule is as follows. All Tributes are required down at the Training Rooms at 10:00 am every morning. The Tributes are free to train throughout the day. There is a thirty minute break at midday for lunch before Tributes resume again until 4:00 pm. This lasts for three days.

With the Chariot Rides finished, the next day brings the start of the three-day Training Sessions for all the Tributes. At 10am they all make their way down to the Training Rooms and make their start. 
Upon arrival, the announcer instructor reminds all Tributes that there is a large chance that they will be killed by something such as dehydration and infections rather than at the hands of another Tribute, so do not overlook the smaller stations.

In Training, there are a set of Stations you can move around to freely.

Start! You have THREE weeks to send your entries to me via email [] and then comment it on this post after you get my approval. By the 1st of April it has to be completed.

Updates And Announcements:
Eden Threatening, you are required to comment you entry. Comment it now, if you would.
Statistics [Pre-Games] page has been updated.
Statistics [In-Games] page has been added.
Eyeless Eyeball has joined and is now using Shaun Gray of District 9.