Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Arena

At last, it's is here.
The final task before the actual Games begin. The Arena.

Right, so as you should all know, this task is pretty much just about getting ready to get into the Launch Tubes. After that's done, you will have react to the general scene around the Cornucopia. A simple map of the Arena will be posted below. Please keep in mind that it's ridiculously difficult to make authentic looking maps, so don't judge the awfulness of it.
That said, a more detailed version of it will appear in the next post for the Beginning Of The Games roleplay.

Anyways, moving on. All previous rules apply.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email [] after you get my approval.
And for the love of god, please get them in on time. Most of you have good and legitimate excuses for delayed entries but some are just down to pure laziness. For those people, the only reason you're actually still in the competition is because I'm so short on competitors that it would be the dumbest move on my part to boot anyone at this point.
So please get them in properly.

Updates And Announcements:
Statistics [Pre-Games] page has been updated
Statistics [In-Games] page will be updated soon

The Arena Map:

The Cornucopia ring is regular sized. 
Twenty-Four pedestals line the outside of the concrete slab and explosives are set to go off if any competitor step off their pedestal before the beginning of the Games. 
The outside of the Cornucopia concrete slab is a ten metre long ring of water, deep enough so that the tallest of the competitors cannot touch the bottom without being entirely submerged.
There are packs, weapons, supplies and other various items in the heart of the Cornucopia and others decreasing in importance the further away they are from the centre. 

That's all that needs explaining for now.