Rules & Functionings

To those of you who know the rules of 'The Competition', the rules for this competition will be similar. In a sense.
As mentioned previously, this competition is going to take place in the world of the Hunger Games. Although the main parts of it will actually take place in the Games itself, there will also be the various events leading up to The Hunger Games. This will include The Reaping in each of the Districts, the parade, the training and the interviews. This competition will also be very public. While this is true, email is still a very large factor in this, so every competitor will need an email account. This will be elaborated on later. Before anything else is explained, something that will need to be mentioned is that this is a non-cannon competition. For those of you who do not know what this means, it pretty much means that there are non of the general main characters in this competition. So no Katniss, no Peeta, no Cato, no anyone like that. There will still be those who do not play a large role in it, however. The only cannon characters that will be in this competition are President Snow, Caesar Flickerman, Seneca Crane and Claudius Templesmith. The list of events are below, and while they are long, I urge you to read them if you are going to enter this competition. In some events, rules and workings change and there are finer details required in others. 
Also, considering each of these things are posts you will all need to CHECK YOUR DASHBOARDS.

The main way this is going to work is as follows.

The Reaping - Compulsory
Firstly, each of you - the competitors - will choose a District to be apart of. This system will be first come, first serve. So pick fast, while you still can. Because not many people are participating in this, chances are you'll get the one you wanted, but all the same.
After that's finished, I'll make a post under the main page (The Hunger Games), which will be The Reaping and have something about each of the Districts. You will write out your entry and send it to my email []. I'll approve the entry and then you'll comment on the post with the entry. While sending the email, the subject is important. It has to include your name [one that you usually go by, so I'll know who you are] and which event the entry is for. This goes for every event, not just The Reaping. 
As for the entries of The Reaping themselves, there are a few extra details. If there's another person of the opposite gender who's made it into the District as well as you, you will work together to write out The Reaping and every event following that up until The Games. The way you communicate with this person will be entirely up to you. I will need sumbmittions from both of you, though, and they will need to be from different character perspectives. 
As for whether or not you're a volunteer or chosen from the Reaping, it's up to you. Try and get it somewhat in line with what The Hunger Games set out though. Your entry for the Reaping will also include the events in The Justice Building such as saying goodbye's to your families and friends and such. This is optional. 

The Train Ride - Optional
This entire post will be optional. It will be put up after The Reaping, is is fairly self-explanatory. Again, if you have someone else from the same District, you'll have to work with them. While you have to work together, this does not mean that your characters need much interaction, nor a friendship. Just bear that in mind. 
Do whatever you wish here. Talk to your Mentor(s) if you like, eat, change, whatever. The Reaping in each of the Districts will also be televised on the Train Ride. I will be posting a brief description of how each of the CPU's went in their Reaping. If you choose to write The Train Ride, you'll need to at least acknowledge the televising of The Reaping, even if you choose not to watch it.
As I said, this whole post will be optional for submittion.

The Chariot Rides - Compulsory
If you have a District Partner, you'll need to discuss your costumes with them, and put on a show. This again will just be text, but will still contribute to your overall success in The Games. How you act to the crowd in the Parade and in the Interviews will all be taken into account for when you're in The Games. 

Training - Compulsory
Here you will need to do a lot of writing for training. The more training you do at each station, the better you will be equipped for The Games. Your Training will affect the Scores you get - which in turn will also affect your Sponsors for when you're in The Games. Write as much as you can - or as little as you wish here. You can chose to specialize in one thing, or in many. It's all up to you. Acknowledgement of a District Partner is not so important here, for you may not chose to work with them in Training. Whatever works.

Private Training - Compulsory
Here you will perform in front of The Gamemakers. Give everything you have here, for this is where your Scores are really decided. Don't pull a Katniss and shoot at them. Exit when you finish.

Scores - Compulsory
This entry can be as short as you wish, or as long as you wish. All this is is a simple reaction to your Score, which will be displayed on a television. All Scores for each competitor will be announced in this post, and you will also be able to get an idea of how strong the CPU's will be in The Games. (CPU's will be there because there are not 24 actual entrants in the competition.)

Interviews - Compulsory
Again, this will largely affect your Sponsors in The Games. You will need to interact with your Stylist, which you can create yourself, and then your Mentor. Decide on a style that you will go for. 
During the interview, you will have control over Caesar Flickerman and the questions he will ask, but please attempt to keep him in character.

The Arena - Compulsory
Time skipping ahead here right to the Arena. You may start by ascending through the tubes out of the Launch Rooms. The post here will describe the Arena and it will be your task to give your character something to think about or study while they wait for the beginning of The Games. Do not begin The Games in this response.

They are everything leading up to The Hunger Games initial beginning. As you will see, everything before now has been pretty much been writing a response to a post. From here on, unfortunately, things become a lot more complicated, due to the vastness that will come with The Area. 
From here, I will explain The Rules of the actual Games.

The Beginning Of The Games
This post will be the start of The Games. Your response will be you/your character's response to the beginning. You can choose to rush in towards the Cornucopia for bags and weapons and supplies, or simply run off without anything. The map of The Arena will be up by this point (referenced in the next paragraph), so you will be able to coordinate as to where you can go. For this post alone, the comments section will work as a Roleplay. For this post alone, no email to me is required. You will each post your responses in the comments and Roleplay it out. Once you leave the Cornucopia, you will exit the time of the Roleplay, and wait for the next post, where things will resume to usual Hunger Games Rules. No God Modding allowed in this Roleplay. Fighting in this Roleplay will be carried out through writing. 

So with The Beginning Of The Games being the ONLY post that will work as a Roleplay, the rest of The Hunger Games is different. 

In The Hunger Games, one day will equal one week in real time. A map of The Arena will be posted and will be divided into regions which will be further decided at a later time. For most regions, events set by the Gamemakers (which will be me) will occur and if you/your character is in that particular region, you must act accordingly to that event. For example, an area may flood, and you may need to demonstrate certain abilities learnt during training, here. Events in Regions are good ways to display skills and will help in getting Sponsors. The Sponsor system will be explained below. 
In your emails to the Region Challenges, you must - again - state your name that I know of, what region you are in and what day of The Games it is. 

Following The Beginning Of The Games, a post will come up explaining what each of the bags you grabbed will contain. If you are one of the people remaining at The Cornucopia, then you will have full control over all the supplies there. You will need to work together with the other competitors remaining there as well for your responses to the Days. Your supplies will be able to help you in whatever things you encounter in The Games. Food is essential, as is water. You will have to find water to survive, and if you're lucky, food will have come in one of the packs you grabbed. Weapons are important, so if you can, get a few of them as well in The Beginning Of The Games. 

If you come across another Competitor and engage in a battle - which will require you discussing this with the person over email or another form of communication - you must state this in your email to me. I will simulate a battle between two characters based on statistics displayed and learnt in training and The Games and let them battle it out. The winner of the battle will be sent to both of the fighters and the winner will have the option to either kill the looser or spare them.Wounds of the looser are also discussed. Simple Wounds take two Hunger Games Days to heal. Moderate Wounds take three Hunger Games Days to heal. Serious wounds take six Hunger Games Days to heal. Whatever wounds are inflicted will come with their disadvantages to the looser.
If the looser is killed, then they are taken out of The Games. If the looser is spared, then any wound that has been inflicted upon you is permanent until fully healed. This is where Sponsors will come in handy.

I, seeing as I am running everything, will be observing every competitor. When they are in need of something, I will look over their Training Scores and performances in the Parade, Interview and The Games, and debate whether or not someone would Sponsor them. If it is likely that they would, some form of assistance will come to you via parachute with a note. How well you have made the audience warm to you will determine how useful this assistance is and how often help will come. How many days into The Games will affect it as well. 

The odds in general will favour the people with better writing slightly. In all ways, pretty much. Training Scores, Sponsors, audience reactions, all that kind of stuff. 

Needless to say, God Modding is not permitted in this competition. If you do not send an entry in for the events before The Games two weeks after the post has been made, you will be kicked out of the competition. If you do not send an entry in response to a Day in The Games a week after the post has been made, you will die and exit the competition. This is, of course, with the exception of excuses made beforehand. You must email me with an excuse sometime before the deadline. 
One last note - you will have noticed that The Train Ride is optional. With that considered, there's obviously a large chance that not many people will attempt it. However, if you do attempt The Train Ride and send it, then the reward will be that in The Games, you'll be supplied with three days worth of water in whatever bag you have automatically. Which may not be much at all if you end up being a career hanging around The Cornucopia, but water is still water. It's important. That's your reward.

As you will have noticed, this Competition may seem a little complicated, but hopefully with your cooperation, you'll be able to get your head around the rules and I'll be able to run it. And we may even have fun while we're at it too. 
Look out for The Reaping soon. 


  1. Yes, we all love those two good fellows, Snow, Flickerman and Crane.

  2. Hmmm.
    I'll consider it...

    Do you know how long (roughly) the Games will go for??

  3. QUESTION!!!

    You might think me an idiot for asking this (you'd be right to think that, obviously) - but do we write about ourselves (except with different backgrounds and blah), our OCs (again, different backgrounds and blah), or random people we make up?

    OR do I need to ask this through email?

    1. Yourself or your OC with different backgrounds. Either is fine. Whichever you refer to yourself around us/the blog more.

    2. Well, the thing, District 3 is a mechanical district, so me and my OC wouldn't fit in it
      Could I change a few things about me to suit it a little more?

    3. Of course. It doesn't matter tremendously about how your character functions, so go nuts.