Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So yeah, there was a ten day gap from when the entries were due in to now. That being said, there was a very good reason for that. Someone sliced open my side, stole one of my ribs, and drilled some metal crap into my spine. It hurt. I've been recovering. I'm mostly better now. Better enough to continue this competition, at any rate. So welcome back.

No players down this time, which is good, because honestly if we sink much lower there's not going to be much of anyone left. Thanks for submitting mostly on time and being ready to go by now.

As you should know, this entry can be as long as you wish, with long detailed reactions to each scores, or incredibly short with your character receiving and taking news as they may. The scores for the CPU's will give you an indication to how powerful they'll be in the arena while I control them. Writing quality had a hand in some of the scores.

District 1
Cieran Sever: 8
Vestige Vicissitude: 9

District 2
Ariston Nevmer: 10
Miss Cain: 8

District 3:
Nixion Strange: 7
Helena Sky: 6

District 4:
Eden Threatening: 5
Death Rose: 8

District 5:
Flame Phoenix: 7
Sparky Braginski: 10

District 6:
Masi Script: 5
Christine Wolf: 4

District 7:
NiamhHasNoLife: 3
Darcy Fitzgealrd: 3

District 8:
Cambric Leno: 5
Star Inkbright: 5

District 9:
Shaun Gray: 3
Elizabeth Leamy: 5

District 10:
Pullus Goran: 5
Kestrel LeStarre: 4

District 11:
Tug Daniels: 7
Tarny Ganz: 2

District 12:
Robby Shepard: 5
Charlotte Cat: 8

All the previously mentioned rules on Alliances still apply. Notify me of everything.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email [zathiernone@gmail.com]. By the 28th of May this has to be completed. 

Updates and Announcements:
Statistics [Pre Games] page has been updated.