Tuesday, 14 May 2013


So yeah, there was a ten day gap from when the entries were due in to now. That being said, there was a very good reason for that. Someone sliced open my side, stole one of my ribs, and drilled some metal crap into my spine. It hurt. I've been recovering. I'm mostly better now. Better enough to continue this competition, at any rate. So welcome back.

No players down this time, which is good, because honestly if we sink much lower there's not going to be much of anyone left. Thanks for submitting mostly on time and being ready to go by now.

As you should know, this entry can be as long as you wish, with long detailed reactions to each scores, or incredibly short with your character receiving and taking news as they may. The scores for the CPU's will give you an indication to how powerful they'll be in the arena while I control them. Writing quality had a hand in some of the scores.

District 1
Cieran Sever: 8
Vestige Vicissitude: 9

District 2
Ariston Nevmer: 10
Miss Cain: 8

District 3:
Nixion Strange: 7
Helena Sky: 6

District 4:
Eden Threatening: 5
Death Rose: 8

District 5:
Flame Phoenix: 7
Sparky Braginski: 10

District 6:
Masi Script: 5
Christine Wolf: 4

District 7:
NiamhHasNoLife: 3
Darcy Fitzgealrd: 3

District 8:
Cambric Leno: 5
Star Inkbright: 5

District 9:
Shaun Gray: 3
Elizabeth Leamy: 5

District 10:
Pullus Goran: 5
Kestrel LeStarre: 4

District 11:
Tug Daniels: 7
Tarny Ganz: 2

District 12:
Robby Shepard: 5
Charlotte Cat: 8

All the previously mentioned rules on Alliances still apply. Notify me of everything.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email [zathiernone@gmail.com]. By the 28th of May this has to be completed. 

Updates and Announcements:
Statistics [Pre Games] page has been updated.


  1. *puts baseball cap on*

    *turns it backwards*

    Deal with it.

  2. Scores.

    Ari, Haymes, Clover, Simon, Phoenix and I sit on the circle of couches in front of the TV and wait for the Scores announcement. Ari is reeling off some mildly irrelevant information about them, but once Sever’s face appears on the screen, she shuts up, but not before announcing “Remember, the Careers are the strongest opponents in the Games.” When she finished an eight appeared next to his face. That’s not so hot, for the highest District male. Vicissitude’s face appears next. She receives a nine. She’ll be one to watch out for in the Games, I’m pretty sure she’s an archer. Nevmer appears and receives a 10. Hand to hand. After that, the small girl from two gets an 8. Cain, Cain, I expected more from you. Next, Strange, the boy that allied up with me, appears. I suppose I should pay attention to his score. He gets a 7. Don’t let the high score get to his head. You’re the one in charge. Mm. I can feel myself, and Phoenix next to me slowly getting more and more tense as it gets closer to the revelation of our scores. Helena Sky receives a 6, and Threatening gets a 5. Tragic. I’ll be sure to make short work of him later on. The girl from 4, however, earns an 8, which honestly surprises me. Don’t underestimate anyone. Expect everyone to be untrustworthy, cunning and underhanded in their motives. Next Phoenix’s face appears and I can sense him almost leaning forward in anticipation. The number 7 flashes up on the screen. A murmur of congratulations escapes my lips, along with everyone else’s. My face appears on the screen. Here it comes… The number appears on the screen. 10. 10. I got a 10!? I got a higher score than the Careers? I got a score equal to that of the beast named Ariston? Ho-lee shite. No, no, can’t celebrate, must focus. Focus. A ten? Really? I mean- Focus- I know I’m good but- Stop it- Am I that good? Really? FOCUS! Huh? What? Scores! TV! NOW! FOCUS!! I look back at the screen and see that I’ve missed District’s 6 and 7 and the boy from District 8. I see Star Inkbright get a 5 and almost hit myself in the head out of frustration. I missed them! How could I miss them!? Agh! Shaun Gray of District 9 got a 3 and after him the only information that grabs my attention is the surprisingly high 7 for Tug Daniels (11) and 8 for Charlotte Cat (12) and the astonishingly low score earned by Tarny Ganz (11), who got a 2. That’s just shocking, for a Volunteer.

    1. Agh, forgot to put something in italics.

      "No, no, can’t celebrate, must focus. Focus. A ten? Really? I mean- Focus- I know I’m good but- Stop it- Am I that good?"

      That's what I meant. Apologies.

  3. Drip, drip, drip, the sound of water splashing onto the smooth white tiles was familiar and comforting. Drip, drip, drip, the water was dropping in a familiar rhythm. It had taken me twenty minutes to get each tap on the floor perfect. I matched my breath with it. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. This wasn’t my usual behaviour, sitting against a wall in her pristine bathroom, looking at my bare feet with a singlet and shorts on.
    I felt like I needed something, something that could get me out of here… Something that could save me from what I was about to fall into. “Come on,” I whispered to myself. “Be brave.” I sighed and stood up, pins and needles shooting down my thin legs as the blood began to flow down to my lower appendages. “Come on,” I urged again. I turned the tap off and left.
    I walked slowly to the room with the TV where Simon, Lux, Eden and his designers were. They were all sitting down and talking nervously. I sat down next to Simon without a word and his hand patted my shoulder tentatively. “Hey,” he murmured quietly. “It’ll be okay.”
    I rolled her eyes at him and bit the inside of my lip. The TV flickered to life and two faces peered at me. “Hello and Welcome to the 25th Annual Hunger Games. Today we will start with the Tributes Scores for their training.” A flow of faces that I’d seen during my rigorous Training Sessions were shown, each with a number. The girl from one got 9 and the boy received 8, two, 8 and 10, three, 6 and 7 and finally, four. My hand tightened into a fist as my face came up, eyes bright with a wicked grin on my lips. When had I smiled like that? I thought sceptically. A number came up and I stared. Eight. I got eight on my score from one to twelve. Oh my Lord. I just sat there, blinking in confusion as I tried to accept that. Okay, not too bad… Really not too bad. Simon congratulated me and Lux grinned.
    “Eden Threatening with a score of five.” I blinked again and resisted the urge to look at him. “Good job,” I commented blankly. I really didn’t know what to say.
    I continued to watch until Tug’s score came up.
    “Tug Daniels with a score of seven.” Okay, so apparently I’m slightly more lethal than Tug. Wow.
    I smiled at looked at them. “Eden, you are so stickin’ around with us.” I grinned at him and stood up. I walked over to where he was and gave him a big hug. “I really know that you’re an underdog. You will do great! Twenty crabs says that you’ll survive after me!” I laughed and squeezed him. “It’ll be okay.” I ruffled his hair and stood up. “I’ll, uh, be in my room for a while,” I murmured and then walked back to my room.
    Twenty minutes later, I was on the floor in my bathroom, staring at my bare feet. Drip, drip, drip. The sound of the water hitting the basin was loud in the quiet room. Drip, drip. What happened with the third splash? The tap had been turned off by Simon.
    He was smiling at me ruefully. “Hey,” he murmured and sat down next to me. He stretched his long legs out and I put my head on his shoulder.
    “Hey,” I replied and sighed. “What’s up?”
    “You’re score,” he replied and laughed at his own joke. “Don’t feel too bad, at least you’re not Tarny.”
    I smiled at that. Tarny had gotten 2 so I shouldn’t be worrying about Eden. At least he had got a decent score! “Yeah, I know but I’m not worrying about me. I’m worried about him,” I gestured behind myself with my thumb, through the wall and into the sitting room that we had been in previously. “I’m scared. I don’t know what to do if I have to…” I couldn’t form the words. Kill him. The thought began to tear me apart. I could feel the tears burning behind my eyes and before I knew it, I was sobbing into Simon’s chest.

  4. “Shh,” he murmured, rubbing my back as my salt water tears stained his pristine white shirt. “Shh, you won’t have to. Not if you don’t want to. Try and get Tarny first and that will – how should I say it? – soften the blow? I’d like to say that it gets easier as you kill more but, I’d be lying.” He smiled sadly. “Pretend they’re animals. Pretend that you’re hunting with your father again in the sea. Just, think of them as animals and that was how I did it. It helped.”
    As if that was going to help, I thought. “Simon, I’m going to die. Like a crab. I’m going to be speared in the back and eaten for lunch.” She imagined herself being cooked, rotisserie style.
    “No, you won’t.” He assured me. “You’ll learn quickly and survival will take over.”
    “Yeah, uh, there must be a reason I don’t believe you. It must me but survival kicking in.” I laughed at the joke and his laughter mixed in too.
    “You will.” He stood up and walked out of the room, his feet clicking on the cold stone tiles.

  5. Scores

    I slouch down onto one of the couches in front of the television and tear another mouthful out of the buttered croissant in my hand as Hayden flicks on the screen. It’s almost time for the Scores to be aired and there’s a weird tension in the air. Elizabeth is quietly panicking, Catherin is trying to comfort her, Gean is ecstatic, Hayden is watching me carefully, and Caesar Flickerman is buzzing with excitement. God, I’m bored.
    I really couldn’t care less about the Scores. Sure, they’ll be worth watching, since they exist. They’ll give me a good idea about who’ll be easier to have kill me once we’re all in the Arena. But I don’t care about my score, no. It’s meaningless. After all, I practically did nothing in the Private Training sessions. I’m fairly sure I even confused a few of the newer Gamemakers to see someone from an outline-ish District so uninterested about their score. But there you go.

    Finally, Caesar gets an unseen signal from somewhere and bursts into yelled proclamations about the Scores, and slowly, the faces of each Tribute appear on the screen with their score.
    District One got an 8 and a 9. Yay for them.
    Two got a 10 and an 8. Well, the male was something of a brute.
    Three had a 7 and a 6 handed to them.
    Four earned a 5 and an 8. Interesting…
    Five got awarded a 7 and a 10. Well, that was an achievement. Sparky Braginski… I’d watched her burst out with her knives in response to the Careers in Training, of course. And this score was paralleled only with Nevmer from Two. Had I actually cared about survival, I would probably be looking in her direction for alliances by now. Then again, the Careers had had lunch with her on the third day of Training. And chances are another competitor or two have approached her since Private Training. Who’s to say I’d be able to trust her anyway? She’d probably end up stabbing me in the back, quite literally. Still, it isn’t as though any of this is going to matter. I’m here for one reason and one reason only – to die. This is all trivial speculation.
    Six, Seven and Eight register nothing special, though Seven got a rather low score. Considering both Seven and Eight Tributes got each other’s same Scores, I wonder if many of the Gamemakers actually payed attention to their performances.

  6. Nine. Our turn. My face appears on the screen and I’m pleased to see that I look as bored as I feel. I get a score of 3 and I actually give a short bark of amusement which draws a look from Hayden. Elizabeth earns a five and Catherin starts comforting her again.
    I pretty much tune out for the rest of the Scores, only two other competitors drawing my attention. Tarny Ganz from 11 got a 2. The only score lower than mine. Damn her for being so horrible at what she does. And Charlotte Cat from 12 who got an eight.

    Elizabeth returns to her bedroom after Gean flicks the screen off and I retire to mine, Hayden following me.
    “Congratulations,” he says to me as I fall backwards onto my bed.
    “Yep,” I reply. “I’m doing brilliantly.”
    “You have the right attitude,” Hayden strides over to the window concealed by blinds. “The right score. You’ll give a sullen kind of interview. Now all you have to do is take everyone by surprise once you’re in the Arena and win the Games.”
    “Exactly,” I say, staring up at the dull ceiling. “Which would be fine if I wasn’t planning on just dying as soon as possible.”
    He nodded and sighed. “Yeah,” he says. “That’s in the way too.”
    I sit up and look at him. “You don’t really think I’m going to try and win these Games, do you?” I ask.
    “I’m hoping you will,” he replies, turning around to look at me.
    “Stop hoping,” I tell him, and sink back into the mattress.
    Hayden gives half a shrug. “Things will change,” he says. “Everything changes once you’re in there. With your past, I’m counting on your survival instincts to kick in.”
    “Like I said, stop hoping,” I repeat.
    “You can scavenge for food easily enough. Hunt well. Fighting won’t be an issue. You could win.”
    “It’ll never happen,” I sigh.
    He shrugs again and heads towards the door. “We’ll see,” he says.

    I sit slumped in the couch in front of a large T.V. on the wall. Ariston sits next to me. We are the only ones sitting down at the moment. Sariah, Zoe, Tyron, Trianna, and Dan are sitting around the table, laughing and drinking. Zoe clears her throat, and stands up.
    “Shall we go watch the scores now?”
    Everyone agrees, and comes to join Ariston and I on the couch. Dan turns on the T.V.
    “I need a drink,” I say quickly, and I get up. I fill my drink and watch the T.V. at the same time. Cieran’s face flashes up, then the number 8 underneath.
    Not bad, I think.
    Vestige gets a 9. I head back to the couch and sit, murmuring something about a good job.
    Ariston stares at the screen now. And, as if it was in slow motion, he grins. Starting small, then it becomes huge. He fist pumps the air. I look at the screen.
    10. Ariston got a 10.
    Congratulations come from every mouth in the room, all at once.
    My face appears next. I bite my lip, and cross my fingers. On both hands.
    An 8. I get an 8. Yay! I didn’t fail! Well, not completely.
    Ariston ruffles my hair.
    “Good job, midget.” He says grinning.
    I punch him on the arm, but it didn’t faze him at all. I, on the other hand, am cradling my hand, which hurts.
    Nixion Strange is next, and he receives a 7. Only one number underneath me. I bite my lip. The girl, Helena, receives a 6.
    Eden, the guy from 4 gets a 5. Then the girl, Death Rose, gets an 8. I take a sip nervously. That’s the same level as me. She’s good.
    District 5 now. Phoenix receives a 7. Then Sparky. I take a swallow of some water and then…
    The water comes straight out of my mouth in surprise.
    Sparky got a 10.
    That’s equal to whatever the hell Ariston did. I stare. Ariston stares. Everyone stares. I shouldn’t have been surprised but… Still. A 10.
    District 6 got a 5, and a 4. District 7 both got a 3. Ouch. Both of 8 got 5’s. District 9 got a 3 and 5. District 10 received a 5 and a 4. Tug, the guy from 11, got a 7 while his partner, Tarny got a 2. Even more of an ouch. The dude from 12 got a 5 whilst Charlotte got an 8. An 8.
    Well, that was unexpected, I tell myself.
    I grab the remote and switch of the T.V.
    As I head off to my room, Ariston quickly catches up with me.
    “You did well, Cain,” He says.
    “Why thank you, Nevmer. You didn’t do so bad yourself,” I say back.
    He grins at me.
    I grin back.


  8. Reaction to scores
    Now was the day I had been both waiting and dreading, I had done all I could I just hope it had been enough.
    We had all gathered in the living room staring intently at the TV waiting for the news that could decide whether you what could be life saving sponsors I felt quite confident knowing I would at least be the average seven.
    I sat down and noticed Darren, stroking his chin. Probably more concerned about his hair than anything else.
    It started a man in flamboyant clothes was on the screen and he started off.
    He rattled of scores with the occasional nod of acknowledgement of everyone in the room and the gasp of surprise at the beast Ariston Nevmer getting ten.
    Finally came district four and I smiled and looked around realising it wasn't matched by anyone in the room I stared at the screen " and from district four Eden Threatening score 5". My whole world stopped, the only thing that was their was my thoughts on my score and the sudden realisation.
    " I'M GOING TO DIE". I now understood Darren's actions he knew I knew that from now on his job was to make me look nice. To dress me up for my funeral!
    Death started talking to me as I walked from the room telling I was going to stay with her and tug and that at least my score wasn't the worst. I muffled a few replies trying to keep the emotions off my face. I went into my room and just lay on the bed for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I fell asleep and woke up in the hunger games I was already at the cornucopia and had grabbed the first weapon I could find, a large spear and ran out intent on killing someone now. I levelled my spear and fired it at the first person I saw, a young boy who crumpled over as soon as it pierced his chest. I ran over to get the spear and as I was about to pull it out of his limp body when I saw my own face staring lifelessly back at me.

  9. I sat on the sofa, desperately twisting my hands with nerves.
    "You nervous?" I thought to ask Cambric.
    "Yup," he replied. "You?"
    The words of the build-up drifted past my ears without really going in. I'd heard it before. I wouldn't hear it again.
    Then the scores started being read out.
    THIS part, I was interested in.
    The District 1-ers got 8 and 9. No surprises there. My vague hope for one of the Careers to be unfortunately rubbish started crumbling into dust. At least they weren't any better, though. Just averagely awesome.
    Ari-whatever, District Two, got 10. Dammit. That WAS slightly above average in Career scores.
    The girl, Mist Cain? got 8. My hope was landsliding away from me.
    District 3 got 7 and 6. That was good, but not brilliant.
    District 4 received a 5 and an 8. I felt a flash of victory at the 5. Yesssssss! That score wasn't too good. My hope returned, and now evidence held it back from the edge of the cliff.
    The 8 was averagely awesome. Of course.
    District 5 got 7 and 10. Oh no, 10???? I felt a touch of dismay.
    7 was good, but not brilliant. I'd run over that thought before.
    District 6 achieved 5 and 4. We were into the rubbish tributes now, so I wasn't surprised at the lower scores, but I irrationally felt glad.
    My nerves rose; we were the District after next.
    3 and 3 for District 7. Thank you. I shouldn't really feel glad at other people's weaknesses, but I did now. Gave me a better chance.
    And now, us.
    I watched the screen like a hawk.
    5 and 5.
    I felt like I was flying free, a weight fallen off my shoulders.
    "That isn't too terrible," I blurted out, pleased. "We did good for rubbish tributes."
    "I'm kind of disappointed -" Cambric began, but Lin told him to shut up.
    "- we physically couldn't do better," he ended in a mutter.
    I didn't really pay attention, focusing on the next scores.
    District 9, 3 and 5. Yay for the 3.
    District 10 got 5 and 4. Slightly better, dammit.
    The next District - District 11 - received 7 and 2. Wow. The 7 was brilliant for a rubbish tribute and sent a blow to my heart, but the 2 was extremely rubbish, yay. Strong contrast there . . .
    And finally, District 12 got 5 and 8. The 5 was expected, but I gritted my teeth at the 8. That was Career-good. Someone to look out for.
    And now, it was over, just like that, snap. I felt sad about it; we were one step nearer the Games.
    One step nearer to the end of my life.