Friday, 12 April 2013

Private Training

Once again, there was a delay between the 1st of April and this post, and I apologize for that. That delay was due to certain competitors requiring more time. Now, I don't have a problem with people needing more time. I don't know what goes on in your lives, I don't know if there are issues going on at the moment, I don't know if your teachers decided to randomly shove a huge workload on you for no reason, so extensions are fine by me.
That being said, the amount of time that some players needed for an extension this time around was ridiculous. Not only did you have three weeks to write this entry, but the person who ended up requesting the most time didn't even end up submitting the entry. Had that not been the case, this post would have been up a whole week prior to this. 
Needless to say, I'm disappointed. I do admit, however, that I should have divided the Training entries into three different challenges for you to do instead of one large entry. But all the same, I was expecting a higher standard. Note that this is not being said in direction to the players that got their entries in on time, or relatively close to the due date. 

So. We're another player down, and by this rate there's not going to be any competitors left by the time The Games actually start

The next task is Private Training  This entry will directly affect your Sponsor Rates, and also determine your Training Score. Tribute interaction, again, is allowed during this entry, but must be agreed on by the other player, or requested to me if it is a CPU. If you have already claimed a CPU Tribute in the previous entry, you don't need to ask for it/him/her again. Alliances still work the same way. ALL TRIBUTES INVOLVED MUST SEND A NOTIFICATION TO ME. This, obviously, is the exception of CPU's, considering no player actually controls them up until The Games, which will then be me. 

Private Training works much like Training does. You'll be called into a room with the Training Stations set up with a few Instructors scattered in places for your needs in demonstrating your skills to the Gamemakers. From there you'll do your best to impress the Gamemakers and show them what you can do. You pretty much do whatever you like here, but again keep it realistic, and you can only do things that you've either been able to do since before The Reaping, or have learnt in Training. No new things that have never been mentioned before - that won't be allowed.

The three day Training Sessions have passed and now it's time for the Private Training session for each Tribute. They each gather at the entrance to the room and wait for their name to be called. 

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entry to me via email []. By the 4th of May this has to be completed.
YOU WILL NOT COMMENT YOUR ENTRIES ON THIS POST. These entries are called Private Training for a reason, and maintaining hidden skill in The Arena will be important for some people.
Please note that from the 1st of May to the 8th of May I will most likely not be able to access email due to me having to have surgery. Obviously, people who submit entries on the 4th and are not read by me until I arrive back will not be penalized in any way. 

Updates And Announcements:
Flame Phoenix has pulled out of the competition. 
Statistics [Pre-Games] page has been updated. 


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  2. This is definitely going to make me, or much rather, break me!