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The Beginning Of The Games - EXPLANATION

As those of you who have read the rules of the competition, you should be aware of the fact that the original plan of the Beginning Of The Games was going to be done in a roleplay. Due to the fact that so many of us live in different timezones, however, added with the complications of people having various other things on at possible times makes it more difficult than expected to plan and organise the roleplay to work properly.
As a result I have decided, thanks to a very helpful suggestion, that the way the Beginning Of The Games will work is going to be changed, and will be explained below.

The way these entries will work now is going to work pretty much like normal entries would. Each one of you will write out your character playing out the events after the gong sounds. You will write out deciding whether to run in for supplies or turn away and head for either the forest or the jungle after crossing the ten metre long stretch of water between the pedestals and dry land.
Inside of these entries, you will be able to interact with the CPU Tributes, but only the ones you claim control over. A full list of available and taken CPU's will be available below. It's also recommended more than normal that you write these entries out in collaboration with any players you may be in an alliance with. That said, every player in the alliance must submit their own entry.
Depending on the In-Game Statistics that your character has and that CPU's in question have, killing said CPU's is possible.

After each of you have submitted these entries to me, I will write up a summary of how the events all panned out in the initial bloodbath of the Cornucopia which will then be posted. Your entries will be commented under that post.
Also, as a final note, NiamhHasNoLife and Darcy Fitzgealrd, both of District 7 will henceforth be referred to as "Niamh Life" and "Darcy Fitz" for simplicity's sake.

Available CPU's
- Helena Ember Sky [Female - District 3]
- Flame Phoenix [Male - District 5]

Taken CPU's
- Cieran Sever [Male - District 1] Miss Cain/Sparky Braginski
- Vestige Vicissitude [Female - District 1] Miss Cain/Sparky Braginski
- Ariston Nevmer [Male - District 2] Miss Cain
- Nixion Strange [Male - District 3] Sparky Braginski
- Christine Wolf [Female - District 6] Alvard Nemesis/Star Inkbright
- Niamh Life [Female - District 7] Miss Cain
- Darcy Fitz [Male - District 7] Miss Cain
- Cambric Leno [Male - District 8] Star Inkbright/Alvard Nemesis
- Elizabeth Leamy [Female - District 9] Shaun Gray-
- Pullus Goran [Male - District 10] Eden Threatening
- Kestrel LeStarre [Female - District 10] Sparky Braginski
- Tug Daniels [Male - District 11] Death Rose
- Tarny Ganz [Female - District 11] Zathract Mist [Gamemaker/Me]
- Robby Shepard [Male - District 12] Sparky Braginski

Right, so, yes. You all have to write your entries for the Beginning Of The Games. Use the advice above, disregard the roleplay concept, and so on.
What kind of objects and packs are around you are pretty much open to interpretation, however, you must keep them realistic. For example, any Tribute that picks up a top-quality lethal weapon will not be able to keep that in their entry. There are five different coloured packs you can pick up.
- Red
- Orange
- Green
- Blue
- Yellow
Each one will contain various different items that will remain undisclosed until the entries have been submitted and commented.
Obviously, there will be high quality items in the very heart of the Cornucopia such as durable tents, weapons, medicine and so on.
In front of a select few competitors, there will be a set amount of bottles of water (as their reward for completing the Train Ride entry).

Sparky Braginski - 3 bottles of water.
Eden Threatening - 1 bottle of water.
Death Rose - 2 bottles of water.
Miss Cain - 3 bottles of water.
Flame Phoenix [CPU] - 2 bottles of water.

Please keep in mind that there is a flotation device in the belts of the Games uniform as to keep each Tribute afloat in the water surrounding the Cornucopia. However, none of the Tributes would have any reason to suspect or believe that such a thing has been done, so they will have to work and react as though they are unaware of it. If they are horrified of water or did not learn how to swim, this will have to show.

Start. You have two weeks to submit your entries to me via email []. Please do not comment your entries on this post, as there will be another post containing the summary of the bloodbath events following this one which your entries will be commented on.
By the 18th of August this has to be completed.
If you need extra time, this is, as always, fine, as long as you notify me through email as to why.
It would be appreciated if you could get your entries in before the very last day of writing time.

Updates And Announcements
Statistics [In-Games] page has been updated.
Lauren Jones has taken up the role of Charlotte Cat from District 12.

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